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Candle Academy is a dedicated to the education and business development for candle makers and is owned by Jenny & Sarah.   We love nothing more than sharing our passion and knowledge with you and provide you with the skills to change and adapt the skills and techniques, so that you can begin to build the brand and style that fits your needs and your target market.

Out programs are not cookie cutter, we love to engage with you at every level and provide a one of a kind experience for you.  There is no other candle making course on the market that comes close to ours, and I am proud to say that.  We pride ourselves on being different and delivering top quality value and our many years of expertise.

I started my career as a professional wax artist over 30 years ago.  I had my work exhibited in the UK, and the USA and I am a member of the British Candle Federation.   Jenny has been making candles alongside me since she was a child and this passion ultimately led to her developing and running her own successful candle making business and she is now a staple part of the Candle Academy and helping our students succeed themselves.

Simply put, we support and educate people just like you, looking to develop their candle making skills and build the business of their dreams!

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