Module 1

We know you are eager to get started, so this first module will be waiting for you in the membership area so that you can jump right in. We will provide you with a clearly defined list of exactly what supplies you will need plus the simple and inexpensive equipment you will need to get started with making your own candles quickly and without spending your hard earned money on things you just don’t need.

Whilst you are awaiting your supplies, we will be looking at the health & safety aspects to ensure you stay safe whilst having fun and help you prepare your work area to help you stay organised and on track with our simple printable checklist 

Module 2

Our second session together will focus on building your core foundation skills in candle making. These skills will be essential throughout every aspect of the course and every container candle you make going forward. We will dive into the fundamental aspects of the wax and wicks you will using and their benefits, along with the importance of temperature control, the wick varieties we recommend and wick sizing. We will be demonstrating how to make your container candles so that you can get engaged and started making your own candles too!

We have included simple printable record keeping templates to help you stay on track and successful.

We have a special bonus for you this week too: We will share a video guide to help you create perfectly positioned wicks each and every time to get great burn results and save on wastage!

Module 3

We know you will now be eager to start adding design elements and we cannot wait to share a wide range of style options with you. In this session together we are going to delve into the world of layers and stripes. You will be blown away with the range and diversity that these can add to your candles.    

We also want to introduce you to the world of colour, so we will look at colour options but also work through how to create hues and tonal blending to provide unique shades to enhance your range.  

Performance and safety is important, for brand reputation and repeat sales, so this week we will be looking at test burning too!

Module 4

Now you are well and truly bitten by the bug, let's ramp things up and get really creative. This session will look at a variety of several different techniques including sheet work. We will also learn how to use cutters and begin to work with embeds in a variety of ways.  

I also want to share some great techniques to create internal wall effects that will wow!  

Each week you will be building on your core skills and confidence as well as adding to your design portfolio. It will not be long before you begin to plan and design your own unique looks and I cannot wait to see all the candles you are creating :)

Module 5

We will get in a whirl by adding a swirl in this module. You will be learning how to create in glass swirls as well as candle top swirls. Swirls can create stunning visual impact and are super fun but we have so much more to share with you too!

We don't want to spoil all the fun but we have several other design techniques to share including a super pretty ombre effect.

This week we will also look at alternative waxes and how you can use them to create a unique selling point and add to the story for your business brand.

Module 6

We have lots of ways that you can add decoration to your containers and add personalisation to your candles.

With a huge selection of options available to you, this week will be full of eye catching options and techniques to help you add creative and unique looks to your container candles.  

Even the most simple candle can be transformed with a few tips and tricks of the trade. We will share how you can use easy to obtain items from craft stores to add beautiful decorative and personalised finishes. Plus you will learn how to create bespoke decals in minutes that allow you to brand like a diva!

Module 7

You already have a wide range of options for candle design and finishing options, but we haven't yet looked much at the candle top itself. This week we will work through some great designs that you can use stand alone or as part of an existing design and most of the designs will be in candle tins rather than glassware.

From spots and dots, to wax confetti options and even gilding surface decorations, we will be adding some glitz and glamour.

We will also be creating a fun galaxy candle. This one effect could even be the basis of your entire business.

Module 8

In the final week of candle making designs, we will be sharing some fab styling options with you including dimensional moulding and bonding, whipped wax, stone effects and more.  

We have a world wide launch of a new technique we created called container sculpting wax that we will be sharing with you and have two fab ideas to get you started.

You will also learn about wick hangers and wick decorations to make the wick a feature rather than an afterthought.

With the wide range of design options, the personalisation and decorative options you have discovered over this last 8 weeks, and the finishing touches you have now learnt to apply, you are now armed and ready to create the look and style that will define your own entrepreneurial candle business brand.

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